Union County Community Action, Inc. administers four program areas which provide low-income families with educational and training services, case management services for unemployed and underemployed adults, emergency food and housing assistance, assessment of educational and employability skills for youth and adults, and Head Start/Early Head Start/More At Four services for infants through four years of age.

What is Head Start/Early Head Start/More At Four?
Head Start, Early Head Start, and More At Four are comprehensive programs that focus on the development of the child and involvement of parents and guardians. The programs serve Anson, Richmond, and Union Counties. A committee composed of parents, community representatives, and agency staff chooses the children for enrollment. This committee uses the federal guidelines set by the Administration for Children and Families in order to ensure the most eligible children are accepted to participate in the program.

Developmental and health screenings, including hearing, vision, dental, and a physical, further testing and treatment follow-up, as needed are provided by all programs. Nutrition, transportation, education, socialization, and summer daycare services are also provided.

The Head Start Program serves pre-school children, three and four years of age, of low-income families in Union, Anson, and Richmond Counties. Approximately 499 pre-school children are presently receiving services.

The Early Head Start Program serves infants and pre-school children through two years of age of low-income families in Union County. Currently, 40 infants and toddlers are served in this program. 

The More At Four Program serves at-risk children who are four years of age and will enter kindergarten the next school year. Currently, 77 children are in this program.

What is Community Services Block Grant (CSBG)?

The CSBG Program provides low-income families with the opportunity to become self-sufficient. Case management helps clients find employment, housing and provides assistance through rental payments, rental deposits, utility payments, and purchase of food. Purchase of tuition and books and job seeking services are available to case management participants.

For more information/details on CSBG, please contact Pearlie Torrence or Christina Neal, CSBG Program Specialists, at uccainc@uccainc.org.

What is Employment and Training?

The Division of Employment And Training administers workforce programs that prepare Union County citizens facing economic disadvantage, job loss, and other serious barriers to employment for participation in the labor force. These programs provide training and other services that result in employment and/or increased earnings, increased educational and occupational skills, and decreased welfare dependency. Employment and training programs are funded through the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) and operated on a contractual basis through Centralina Council of Governments.

For more information/details on Employment and Training, please contact Eunice McGee, Director of Employment and Training, at uccainc@uccainc.org.

What is WIA (Workforce Investment Act)?

This program provides services for youth and adults in areas of work experience, skills training, educational and assessment services. WIA specifies three funding streams targeted to youth, adults, and dislocated workers, respectively. It provides for three basic levels of service referred to as core, intensive and training.

Core services include outreach, assessment, job search and placement assistance. Intensive services involve diagnostic testing, career planning, case management and prevocational skills training. Training services involve occupational skills and on-the-job training, skills upgrading and customized training. These services are provided through the JobLink Career Center at the Employment Security Commission.

For more information/details on WIA Adult services, please contact Michele Shepherd at uccainc@uccainc.org.

For more information/details on WIA Youth services, please contact Paula Holmes at uccainc@uccainc.org.