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CSBG- Community Services Block Grant



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PROPEL is a goal-oriented coaching series administered by Union County Community Action, Inc. that provides services specifically designed to empower individuals within our community by removing barriers, increasing access to existing community resources, and building a supportive network. In PROPEL we believe in the power of education and creating a pathway for our participants to attain successful professional careers and achieve a financially secure future.


Our Focus

Academic Advancement

PROPEL has partners with South Piedmont Community College to provide access to high quality education. Participants receive intensive coaching and supportive services to ensure the successful completion of classes. Current education pathway options include:

•        Adult High School Equivalency Diploma

•        English as a Second Language

•        In-demand Career Certifications (Healthcare, Welding, Office administration, and more)

Career Connections

PROPEL strives to equip participants with confidence to begin a new career and achieve professional success. Career Connection topics include: Resume Development, Interviewing Skills, and Networking.


     Empowerment Experiences

PROPEL strives to build, support, and encourage new perspectives that enhance strengths and improve areas identified by our families. Empowerment Experiences are developed to address issues that impact overall success, such as Income Management, Health and Nutrition, Stress Management, and Community Connections

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